Jacksterpieces is a social media project, and my personal log of memories that I've shared with those who've followed me over the past two years. Starting on Snapchat and expanding to Instagram, then Facebook & YouTube, this project has grown in scale, purpose, and scope in an attempt to find a content workflow that creates simultaneously across all social channels.
It goes like this: the videos are captured through Instagram Stories; often times the video is tagged with tracked text or in-app animations. They are logged chronologically in my profile's archives, ready to be pulled down from their cloud.
Editing is all done on my Samsung GS8 through Power Director, and, really, before I could edit on my phone, the project was far too cumbersome to do right, but thanks to this app, I can edit and export 16:9 videos for upload to the Jacksterpiece Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. This really has become an amazing intuitive process where creativity can flow. You can see all the videos here.
This video below is part of the Reflection Series. I looked back through my 2 year log and found some gems that never saw their light go past their 24-hour window. I cut these beauties together and made a piece that I call Home. It's also a great way to see the project in motion.
This video is my love poem to the Natural Beauty that I've seen over the past year and change, She's brought me great joy and wisdom, so I figured I'd make a little something for Her.

You think She'll like it?
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