If someone says to you,
"In the fortified city of the imperishable,
our body, there is a lotus
and in this lotus a tiny space:
What does it contain that one
should desire to know it?

You must reply:
"As vast as this space without
is the tiny space within your heart:
heaven and earth are found in it,
fire and air, sun and moon,
lightning and the constellations,
whatever belongs to you here below
and all that doesn't,
all this is gathered in that tiny space
within your heart."

Chandogya Upanishad 8.1.2-3
We live in a very brain-centered culture - one that has forced our psychic centerpoint into our brains and disconnected us from the interconnected nature of our bodymind and of the reality around us. This process has physiologically joined the left and right hemisphere's of the brain. It has united our internal conscious and unified our mind. We have now reached the zenith of this development. The task of our age is to move this psychic center-point from the mind back into the body, and this lecture will discuss how to move into your heartspace. 
We will rediscover the magic of living from this radiant organ, returning us to our true nature - a fully human being. 

Personal Experience
Sitting in meditation one day, I started to feel my breath move through my body, and I felt that each breath expanded an area of relaxation further and deeper.

Once I had filled my whole body up with this relaxation, I heard thoughts come up. Instead of attaching to my thoughts, I moved my focus down from my brain through my throat and into my heart.

In the process, my thoughts slowly grew more and more faint and eventually just became sensations of vibration. These sensations had the same syncopation as the thought, but without the voice of the mind.

I came down into my heart and awakened a deep peace and reverence for life. From that space, I set the intention to hold this presence as often as possible and to help others to do the same.

4 Methods of Communication
Neurological — the heart sends at least three times the infomation to the brain than the brain does to the heart; this has opened up a new field of study called neurocardiology, studying the heart's neurological connection to the entire body.

Blood-pressure Wave — Squeezing of the heart sends information through the body; this influences everything including brain function.

Hormonal — In 1983, the heart was reclassified as a part of the hormonal system; it produces several hormones, one of which is atrial peptide, which reduces a stress hormone called cortisol.

Electrical — The heart creates an electromagnetic field that is 40-60x stronger than the brain; it permeates all the cells of the body and extends outside of the body.

From Physiology to Physics
In recent years, we have rediscovered that the heart produces the most powerful electromagnetic field in the body. This field extends out to a range of about 5 feet around us, and can be extended through practice. 
This moves us from the realm of biology to physics, and expands the reach of our bodies to far beyond our skin. It is through this field that we can either bring harmony or discord to our environment.

Heart, Mind, & Body

As humans, we are not limited to fight, flight, or freeze responses. We can self-regulate and initiate pro-social behaviors when we encounter challenges, disagreements, and stressors.

Your breathing serves as your "eyes" for your heart. If you can breathe deeply, you trigger the heart's relaxation, allowing your sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response) to switch off and your parasympathetic nervous system (relaxation and rejuventation) to switch on.

Personal Coherence
A physiological process that determines the quality and stability of the feelings and emotions we experience. The feelings we label as positive actually reflect body states that are coherent. This means that "the regulation of life processes becomes efficient, optimal, easy, and free-flowing.

The feelings we label as negative, such as anger, anxiety, and frustration are examples of incoherent states.

When you come into coherence, your heart and mind become synchronized and work as one cohesive unit.

Personal Process

This “coherent” state is achieved through “holding genuine heart feelings,” or emotions that are typically/metaphorically associated with the heart (e.g. appreciation, compassion, love, affection, kindness, care, joy, etc.).

It is evoked by methods of calming the mind and body, like “heart-focused breathing,” which is where you breath through the center of your chest.

This brings up questions like “how does your field relate to my field? How does the collective field in a room relate to itself?

Interpersonal Coherence

Our thoughts and emotions affect the heart's magnetic field, which energetically affects those in our environment whether we are conscious of it or not. We send and receive signals from all sources, and most influential on us are other people.

In this way, people are like acoustic tuning forks, and each person is playing their own note as well.

If you are not conscious of your state of being, you run the risk of being tuned to others' states automatically. If someone comes to you in anger, and you aren't firm in your peace, you will be coerced into incoherence.

If you are steady, though, you have the capability to bring them back into a coherence state of being.

Global Coherence

This heart-centered radiance has been found to have a non-local effect, meaning that your positive emotions can be sent to anywhere in the world.

In a study done on the border of Palestine and Israel, a 'Global-Coherence Initiative' meditation took place where each nation's participants held compassionate feelings for each other. During this time, the violence in the surrounding area dropped to a standstill.

Global coherence means that our compassion has a radiant effect on the totality of human beings (1 million child meditation and solar flares), and even has effects on the geomagnetic field of the earth. Fear has the same effect (pandemic fearmongering). By coming away from our brain-centered, isolated worldview, and into this interconnected, heart-centered view, we learn to master our states and bring balance and harmony to the world.

The Masculine Way to Enter the Sacred Space in the Heart

As you move towards the heart and see a smaller toroidal field, rise up above the field until you see the torus from above. This energy field is a vortex, moving around and around like water going into a drain.

For this meditation, when you see the top of the toroidal field, see or feel which way it is moving. Then, life a leaf floating on a river, let your spirit rest on the spiraling energy.

Experience yourself going around and around — slowly at first, but as you get closer to the center, you will begin to move faster and faster until finally you enter the enter and start to fall. In a moment you will realize that everything is very, very still. Like being in the eye of the hurricane, you are now inside the sacred space of the heart. You are really there.

The Feminine Way to Enter the Sacred Space in the Heart

The feminine way is so simple that some people can't see it at first. The instructions are easy, and the experience will be different for each of you when you use this method. It is not important whether your body is male of female, but if following your heart is your way, then this way is for you.

For the feminine way in, all you do is see, sense, or feel yourself approaching the heart and then just allow yourself to enter its membrane, just like you do in the masculine. Except this time let your feminine psychic nature take over and let your intuition lead you to the sacred space of the heart. Then let go and move, knowing you are in truth going to move straight into this holy place.

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