One of the great challenges for modern humanity is to learn how to slow down. The planet operates at a frequency that moves far more slowly than most human beings are used to, especially in our modern world. Time moves uniquely for all life of Gaia, but Gaia herself has never been in a hurry.
Since magnetism is the binding force of all creatures and forms, the more deeply you move into hamony with the this force, the more ease you will feel. This is all about trusting in the natural ebb and flow of life events. This process is catalyzed by letting go of the agitation caused by the disharmonic relationship between our psyche and Gaia and sinking into flow. To live closely to the earth’s natural rhythms is to experience the wisdom and clarity that comes from moving more slowly through the world.

In our modern world, we have a constant stream of distractions that build a wall between us and our natural rhythm in life. Our constructed world and our ability to adapt has stolen our tempo. We now operate at the tempo of a car driving by, or a plane flying overhead; we move at the tempo of the work week, and of the email chains. To compact this we constantly, and often subconsciously, fend off the very sense that would bring us back into harmony with the planet. What we call dullness, the feeling of slowing down, is a fear for many people. If you allow dullness, the mundane, normality of life, to wash over you without grabbing your phone to check back into the modern rhythm, you can come back into a natural state of harmony. It is to accept ordinariness, and to "see heaven in a wildflower," as William Blake so elegantly put it.

Part I:
Modern & Ancient

Today, we have reduced the experience of directly connecting with the living essence of the planet — Gaia — to the concept of Mother Earth. We have reduced the intelligence of the planet that fostered us on our embryonic journey of unfoldment to mere atoms bumping into eachother. If we are to heal our relationship with and to our planet, we must rekindle the relationship to Gaia, Earth's living essence, and remember our primal interconnectivity between Her wellbeing and our own. We are being asked by this planet to expand our perspective beyond our limited brain-centered consciousness into a new dimension of awareness.

Personal Experience
When I was living in Los Angeles, I came down with the worst sunburn of my life, leaving me bedridden for four days straight. During that time, I got in touch with the needs of my body in a visceral way — I could hear the needs of my skin as a felt sense, and would put aloe on the areas that itched. By listening to the 'voice' of my body, and by meditating on this new relationship, I was able to slow down my tempo to a pace that I did not think was possible. At times, during meditation, I could breathe in for 30-40 seconds and breathe out for 30-40 seconds — my heart-rate came down and I could feel a deepening connection with the Earth that came in the form of a deep love and reverence, and this was continuously reaffirmed through an experiential connection with animals.

Ancient and Tribal Societies
In ancient and tribal societies, the shaman’s specific skill was to bridge the ancestral spirit behind the tribe to the individuals within the tribe. The mystics and shamans are gifted with the ability to be humanity's natural interpreters of the other realms. Their increased awareness of the energetic pathways and portals between all realms, material, emotional, mental, and divine, mark them as pioneers and initiators into these magical realms. 

Part II:
The Divine Proportions

The Golden Ratio
Transcendent proportions are present throughout our reality — the golden ratio, phi (φ) is 1.61:1. This ratio is found in all parts of our body — in our fingers for example, 1 finger bone is 1.61 shorter than the last. In the galaxy, the arms of the milky way spiral out at the golden ratio.

Fibonacci Sequence
The Fibonacci sequence is the progression found in nature that adds the first number to the second number to get the third number. This is the means by which nature grows towards further and further embodiment of the golden ratio.

Part III:
The Heartbeat of the Planet

Schumann Resonance
Magnetism is such a powerful portal into life’s mysteries. It is the power that bridges humans with other life forms and in doing so it connects us profoundly to the living spirit of nature or Gaia. In 1977 a scientist by the name of Otto Schumann made a remarkable discovery. He mathematically predicted the exact frequency of the earth’s heartbeat within the electromagnetic spectrum. Vibrating at 7.83 Hertz this wavelength, called the Schumann Resonance, is literally the vibrating pulse at the heart of all living organisms. This pulse binds us together as a single living organism.

Schumann Resonance Monitoring
Since its discovery, the Schumann Resonance has remained relatively steady, only fluctuating up or down a few Hz from its base of 7.83 Hz. In 2012, the fluctuations began to increase, peaking at a max of 35 Hz in 2016. Now, at least once a week, we are seeing spikes in the Schumann Resonance of 80 Hz and the highest recorded was 121 Hz. Monks meditate in the 100+ Hz frequency range.

Precession of the Equinox
The Earth moves in revolution, rotation, and precession. The precession of the equinoxes refers to the observable phenomena of the rotation of the heavens, a cycle which spans a period of
(approximately) 25,920 years, over which time the constellations appear to slowly rotate around the earth, taking turns at rising behind the rising sun on the vernal equinox.

The Creation of Mankind
Thoth / Hermes Trismegistus
At first man was solely eternal and spiritual,
but Atum saw that his new creation
could not tend the Earth
unless he sheltered him in a material envelope —giving man a mortal body
as well as an immortal soul.
So, Atum bade Nature be,
and from his voice came a woman's form,
so lovely that the gods
were smitten with her beauty.
Atum made Nature mistress of the world.
She communed with herself,
producing all kinds of seeds
which Atum took hold of with his hands
and scattered over the Earth,
who is the mother of all worldly things.
Seeing in man a beautiful image of Atum,
Nature was filled with insatiable love.
She clasped him to her,
and they merged to become one in love.
Mortal and eternal blended and mingled
so that Man may perform the demands
of both sources of his nature.
Firstly, to serve God —
venerating and praising the things of heaven. Secondly, to assist
and administer the things of Earth,
by tilling the soil, navigating the waters,
building on the land,
and by serving each other —that strongest of bonds that links the human race together.

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