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Mixed Reality & Artificial Intelligence
Health & Wellness
Augmented and virtual reality open the door to a new landscape of creativity, a mixed-reality that gives Us the tools to communicate new thoughts and ideas. We believe this new form of media will stir the passion of the next generation of artists and creators — new explorers of the frontiers traveling to a land that, before Now, would have seemed outlandish and farfetched. At Aura Digital, we are exploring this landscape on many levels and revealing to ourselves and the world the true power of this new form.  

Perhaps one of the most exciting properties of these media is the potential for a strong interconnected relationship between the medium and the user. This "user-centric" design is one of the core principles of creation here, and Luminance is our first attempt at doing something powerful with this in mind.

Luminance is a 3D-volumetric AR & VR biofeedback simulation that pairs EEG (electroencephalography) and EKG (electrocardiography) devices to bring the rhythms and cycles of the user into harmony with the environment around them.
AI  Learning & Education
Holo is an effort to aid our schooling by building a dynamicholographic conversational user interface. Our AIAura, is equipped with animations and sound bytes that create a process of dynamic animation, engaging with students in an organic, reactive way as they go through their educational journey. With this, we hope to help the student become their own teacher.

In the beginning, both the student and Aura start in a place of unfamiliarity. As they start with simple studies, they slowly build off of each other, learning new things and making new connections. The student gets to reinforce what he or she learns by teaching it to Aura, and Aura shares in the excitement of learning new things through colorful and fun animations and engaging dialogues.

As time goes on, the student will become more adept at teaching what they learn to Aura, and they will grow in self-confidence, communication skills, and their understanding of the learning process as they and Aura go deeper into their studies.

Through this work, we hope to give students a sense for navigating the layers of the Internet and a deep and powerful feeling for the interconnected nature of information and of Life itself.
Every day, more people are commuting to major cities for work. In order to alleviate the congestion created by these commuters, we must provide new means of local transportation so they aren't compelled to leave their cars in the parking lots of the smaller towns that they are from. By freeing up space in these towns, we will allow for much more traffic to flow through town, opening up new opportunities for the local businesses and the local people.

Starting along the NJ Transit line into New York City, Aero aims to provide towns with local eTransport deviceseScooters, eBikes, and small eCars — and both the physical and digital infrastructure that supports clean storage and charging of these devices.

We believe that the introduction of these devices will slow down the town's pace, and will make the whole of transportation around these towns more engaging, communal, and just plain fun.
Our Mission
There's a saying going 'round that "AI is the new electricity," and another that "data is the new oil" — and we definitely think that's true. We think that there's much more that's changing, too. Blockchain's our new security, crypto's our new trade, and mixed reality is our new world for computing, fun, and games. These are components of a new paradigm — of tools for the new day. Tools that grant us new powers and  responsibilities along the way, and only we can ensure a future that we'll come to know as home.
What's true is the that world is changing. It is growing — evolving too. It's groaning as it stretchesreaching higher into the blue. It's morphing in its form to one we thought we'd never dream — that is, at least, until we tried. Do you know what we mean?
At Aura, we look at our future, staring with awe, and we embrace every single last thing that comes with it. We see a chance at greatness, and see the world for what it is. We take joy in the opportunity to make a mark in our Great Story. It's a chance to stand with the Giants that came before — those Heroes by anybody's playbook. Those Giants who stood up on shoulders and peered into that dark, dark distance.
We look, now, with Duty. We look out with Honor and say "here's to Us: new thinkers and doers." We wielders of knowledge and power. Here's to Us, the kin of Giants who peered deeply into those whipping winds, and to Them who rose to the Great Unknown to take it all in stride.
At Aura, we are building — shining our little Light. We meet our craft with Soul and peer at the new frontier for Us to makeWe cheer for the dawning day, a new age of time and spaceWe rise to the occasion and it stares Us in the face.  
We are the makers of a new era, the doers who stand tall and firm, and we're the ones who'll spread out our wings to find the rhythm of the windsStand up with us, join in, and you'll see how tall you really are. 
We, the shepherds of the Earth, the Giants of a new Day
Here's to Us, Giants, and here's to Our Future.
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