There's an good, old saying about great chess players that goes something like this — "Great chess players will plan their last move before they even take their first." I've always loved to learn from those guys, the Greats; so last year, I spent just about all my free time planning my last moves as best I could, thinking about what a company will look like in the future when it is built on these new cultural elements — these blockchains, these cryptocurrencies, with an AI and in Mixed Reality. What is it we humans are building here? 
What they don't tell you in that quote is that the best chess players are willing to be dynamic — to be learning in every move, and if you want to learn in every move, you've got to be willing to make your first.
Here's my first move in this industry, this Mixed Reality space. My pawn forward, my starting point to the doing. 
Here's an Evolving Page; a living document that grows with me as my knowledge of Augmented Reality Design & Creation develops — as will this budding industry.
If you want to take your first move in this industry, Mixed Reality Content Creation, I may be baised, but I think here's a good place to start.
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